Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro

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Status: Completed


Lupin and Jigen have just pulled off another million-dollar heist – only to find out that all one million dollars of it are counterfeit money from Cagliostro! Cagliostro has supplied the world with counterfeit money of all nationalities for decades, only surviving because of the global economy’s strong dependence on the faux dough.Shortly after crossing Cagliostro’s borders, Lupin encounters the lovely princess of Cagliostro, hotly pursued by the Duke of Cagliostro’s cronies – and loses her to the Duke’s men who imprison her in his heavily-fortified castle. A bit of inquiry reveals that the Duke has plans to marry the princess against her wishes… and perhaps other plans as well, one involving finding a priceless treasure lost for centuries.A beautiful damsel in distress, an evil Count to be smote, a lost treasure, and the biggest counterfeiting racket on the face of the earth… this is an order just too big for Lupin to resist! But it will take the combined effort of Lupin and all of his friends – Jigen, Goemon, Fujiko, the courageous and selfless Princess herself, and even the relentless Inspector Zenigata – to thwart the Duke’s plans and save the day! Excitement and mayhem are in store!

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