Kuiba II: Dazhan Yuan Yang Jie

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Status: Completed


Every 333 years, an abomination is born, a being known as Kuiba, destined to be the nemesis of all, and bring disaster to the world. In Kuiba year 1664, the sixth-generation Kuiba appeared. After narrowly escaping a preemptive strike by the forces of heaven, the young Kuiba was adopted by Man Xiaoman of the Beast Nation, who gave him the name “Manji.” Like those around him, Manji is unaware of his true identity. With the encouragement of his adopted father, Manji overcame numerous trials before finally boarding a warship bound for Maelstrom Island.

There he hopes to prove he is the greatest Spirit Warrior of all by saving the world from the threat known as Kuiba. Meanwhile, on Maelstrom Island, Kuiba’s most loyal lieutenants are waiting, ready to do battle with all who oppose their master’s return Though unaware of his true nature, Manji must soon face the inevitable conflict between his father, the gods of heaven, and Kuiba’s twelve fiercest lieutenants.

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